BSA Payments

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Tired of playing the pricing game with confusing fee structures and hard to read invoicing?

Every business has different needs, so we don’t use the same technology for every client. We customize solutions for your business' goals. Our local reps work with you to find the right equipment—POS software, terminals, and mobile payment options. We can even help you improve your bottom line with expanded payment options. We are a full-service electronic transaction company to meet all your point of sale needs!
  • From stand alone terminals to integrated software, we have options
  • Card readers for gas stations, including pay-at-the-pump systems
  • Cash discounts for customers paying by cash, check, or gift or loyalty cards
  • We make it simple
  • Our members get the same  ROCK BOTTOM PRICING that the big chains get.
  • Transparent Pricing
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Gradual Price Increases

Cash Discount Program

Offset the Cost of Payment Processing!

Small or medium sized business have few affordable payment processing options. No matter who you consider, you're losing a percentage of every transaction. And 3.5% of every transaction adds up. Our Cash Discount Program offers a legal way to offset that cost. No fees on every transaction. No profit loss.

How We Save You Money?

BSA Payments offers free processing. Instead—complying with new legislation—we provide you with signage to display at your store, offering a discounted prices for paying with cash. This makes it clear to shoppers that posted prices are for cash only. This signage also advertises that a 3.5% fee is applied to any credit or debit card transactions. Our terminals are set up to pass that 3.5% directly to the customer. 

Look at our Point of Sale Systems that can use BSA Processing 

BSA Payments

Lower Your Merchant Processing Today!