Procurement is where you can take most advantage of.
Enjoy discounts and rebates on the Food, Beverages and Supplies you are already Purchasing without having to change who you already buy from
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Food & Beverage Purchasing

Some Benefits Include:
  • Off-Invoice discounted pricing programs on hundreds of products
  • Off-Invoice volume discounts through approved distributors
  • Rebates on thousands of Nationally Branded products
  • Aggressive Fountain Soda Program
  • Frozen Juice & Coffee Program
  • Equipment & Supplies discounts & rebates
  • And more…
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Food & Beverage Rebates

Customized approach to:
  • Evaluate need,
  • Negotiate manufacturer programs
  • track and analyze purchasing data
  • Provide ongoing communication to ensure attainment of maximum cost savings. 

We are recognized in the industry for offering comprehensive programs and transparency by providing state-of-the-art detailed reports reflecting all quarterly earnings by manufacturer and product.

Our customized reporting enables us and the operator to recognize high volume products and categories, identify where their money is expended and target opportunities to maximize rebate opportunities and reduce food costs!

BSC Food & Beverage