Partnership Counseling

Congratulations to you for taking this first constructive step in finding your business health and happiness.

A business is much like a family with the Business Owners  assuming the parental role while the employees are much like the other family members that need your leadership and guidance.

Often Business "Families" struggle with each other to a point that it becomes imperative to seek counseling for the health and happiness of your business relationship.

Our strategy sessions are designed to identify your sources of stress and areas of concern in an honest and safe environment.

Note that these are health strategy sessions, not finger pointing or blame sessions.

We begin with a confidential questionnaire that all partners complete independently and submit.

This first step leads us to in-depth discovery discussions where we identify your sources of stress, areas for improvements and set plans of action for a clear path to a healthy business relationship.

We conduct individual sessions as well as partner's sessions for  best results.

Partnership Counseling is an affiliate of Business Service Associates