New Employee Recruitment

We Offer:

Custom job postings for every role

Create unique job applications for each role and rank which part of the application is most important. Our smart FitScore algorithm then ranks all candidates with a score from zero to 100 so you can see the best candidates before even reading a résumé.

Get more applications with an online presence.
Make it easy for candidates to apply with mobile-first applications from a branded job board integrations that put your postings in front of thousands of jobseekers.

Access your applications from anywhere.
Use our mobile-friendly dashboard to quickly see an overview of all your applicants at every location. Review résumés, qualifications, and shift availability from anywhere, on your phone or computer.

Schedule job interviews with one click
Enter your availability and our software helps you schedule, reschedule, and cancel interviews. Automated reminders sent to applicants by text and email increases application completion and reduces interview no-shows.

Manage every stage of your hiring
Create user accounts for each of your staff and define who has access to applicant information. Make your hiring budget go further with reporting on which job boards are getting you the most traffic and best applicants.

Integrates with our Scheduling Software!
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