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BSA Payment Processing

What We Quote You Today is What You'll Always Pay
Even Years From Now

No Added Junk Fees or Gradual Increases Over Time GUARANTEED!

We have easy to understand terms without any junk fees or difficult to understand invoicing.

BSA Affords You The Same  ROCK BOTTOM PRICING That The Big Companies Get.

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Our Cash Discount Program

Offset The Cost Of
Payment Processing!

With Standard Payment Options, your Business is being charged an average of 3.5%  on every transaction.

3.5% of EVERY Transaction Adds Up.

BSA Payments offers free processing. Instead—

Our Cash Discount Program offers a legal and acceptable way to offset that cost.

No Fees on Transactions Means No Profit Loss.

To assure we are complying with new legislation—we provide you with signage to display at your business, offering a discounted prices for paying with cash.
This makes it clear to shoppers that posted prices are for cash only.

This signage also advertises that a 3.5% fee will be applied to any credit or debit card transactions. Our terminals are set up to pass that 3.5% directly to the Customer. 


BSA Payments

Lower Your Payment Processing Costs Today!