Social Media Management

It's Not Just About Posting Anymore.

Good Social Media Management is a Science
Most Business Owners are not Scientists

3 Common Mistakes
   1.  "I can just do it myself"
You'd be right, if you were able to consistently provide eye catching and scroll stopping content posted at the right times established through proven methods tracked for activity ratings on what content is working best and constantly making adjustments to achieve the best results. AND if you had the time yo always do it right.

   2.  One of my employees can do it.
Refer back to Mistake #1. Also, they should be focused on what you really hired them to do.

   3.  Don't underestimate the Power of Social Media.
Read that one again.

We work closely with your business to ensure quality and consistency
  • We customize your social media content.
  • We can strategically post to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn.
  • We direct potential customers to see your brands personality.
  • We offer comment monitoring on your social networks - Never miss a question from a potential customer.
  • Monthly Reporting - See how your social media platforms are performing with monthly reporting and key metrics.
  • ​Content sent out at optimal times based on your followers behaviors.
We Make Sure Your Business is Being Promoted to Those Most Likely to Become a Customer

BSA Social Media